Thank you for your time over the past couple of days, the team were extremely complimentary about the course and found it of enormous benefit.
Look forward to seeing you again on one of your excellent courses.

Jamie Salvidge
Director / Solicitor of So Legal

I thought your webinar was really informative, delivered at the appropriate pace and covered an appropriate range of issues. Many thanks.

Council Solicitor

I would just like to say what a very useful course this was with Ian explaining points by giving good clear examples of the various matters which he was discussing.

I have always found Ian`s courses to be well expressed and interesting and this one was no exception.

Terri Milner
Legal Officer, East Riding of Yorkshire Council
 ‘I found Ian Quayles webinars to be very helpful and well explained. The supporting documents were also well drafted and thorough’.
Kevin O’ Shaughnessy, BSc (Hons), MRICS, MISVA, RICS
Registered Valuer Chartered Surveyor Survey Homes KOS Ltd Regulated by RICS

Into week 5 and so far has been made easy and simple to understand by Ian who has a huge amount of experience and knowledge.  Ian makes it very interesting and although he is talking mostly for that time he remains animated and passionate when speaking.  The conveyancing notes you attach each week are very helpful and useful especially as I don’t feel under pressure to take notes – I must admit I like taking down a few notes here and there but not frantically!

Looking forward to the rest of it.

Haywood Moon

“In the last two years I have attended nearly 20 lectures given by Ian Quayle. I speak from experience when I say he is probably one of the most naturally gifted lecturers I have seen, my opinion is based on my having taught ‘A’ level law years ago and lectured many staff at PCS Legal currently. I have also based it on my experience in attending hundreds of lectures for my law degree and professional qualifications and CPD.


Ian’s style of lecturing is of the highest level I have ever seen, he clearly has a fine legal mind, evidenced in the answers he gives to difficult questions at the end of the lecture. He is without doubt the law lecturer I would love to aspire to be.


He has a unique ability  to cut  straight to the heart of the matter, essential for a busy conveyancer, refresh you on the law on that subject, introduce new case law, in such a clear and  concise manner, you  leave the lecture fully understanding what is the latest best practice for your firm and best advice to give your clients. You will have a fighting chance to avoid potential negligence claims, you probably did not know even existed before the lecture!

Each of his lectures ties into each other, like  pieces of a jigsaw, the more you attend the more of the whole picture appears. The lectures  enable  you to adopt changes to your standard letters, terms of business to protect your firm and give your clients the best advise you can, to help them give you informed consent.

Every lecture I have attended is accompanied by fully detailed, well written course material which you can refer to and refresh yourself as when the issue comes up in practice. I have learned more in an hour than most  full day courses I have attended.


If you are in any doubt about booking a course, just book it. Once you have attended one of his lectures I guarantee you will be looking to see what subject he will be teaching next.


I do not personally know Ian or have any form of commercial arrangement with him in giving this opinion and review. It is my honest opinion.”

Yours sincerely,

Alistair Gibbins, B.A. (Law) Hons, Licensed Conveyancer
PCS Legal

“The webinar was run in a professional manner with authoritative and engaging speakers.    The cost of the training was very competitive and the course notes & supporting documentation were of a high standard”.  

Dave Reid
Senior Registry Officer – Highways Registry

I enjoyed every bit of the lecture and Ian is the best at what he does, and he took time to respond to all our questions. I will recommend IQ legal training to any residential property solicitor.

Wale Adenusi
Associate Solicitor – Stock Denton Solicitors

Ian is an accomplished trainer. He combines exceptional understanding of the conveyancing process alongside first-rate delivery, ensuring his training is both informative and engaging. He can make even the driest of subjects interesting and Is never short of an anecdote to illustrate his points.


David Opie
Managing Director – Today’s Training

Please do thank Ian for the course- I found it very informative in actually what is a very complex area.

Catherine Bee

Ian’s knowledge knows no bounds, yet his webinars (backed up with excellent course notes) are presented in an unassuming and interesting manner. You will not find your mind wandering during any of Ian’s webinars.

Although a practitioner of more than 40 years’ experience, I have amended many a template letter/document immediately following the presentation of one of Ian’s excellent webinars.

Highly recommended!

Mark Cairns

Ian is the only speaker who prompted me to open a file called ‘Good Training Sessions’ and every one of his talks merits a place there.  His breadth of knowledge – practical and academic – is exceptional.

Pamela Clemo

I always find Ian’s webinars so informative, and that’s without worrying about CPD.

It is so good for attending professionals, and at the same, just in case they haven’t had the opportunity to be in front of Ian before, they will realise what a wealth of knowledge he has.

Hamish McLay
Founder & Senior Partner at Search Solutions Ltd | Board Member at IPSA

Booked the course as a “refresher” following a career break. Course covered a lot over the allotted time and the trainer was very knowledgeable and friendly.

Clare Blandford

I always enjoy any training provide by Ian – he’s clear and realistic, unlike some others who tend to refer to the “letter of the law” and be scaremongers !!


The Commercial Property Forum has been incredibly useful. Thank you very much. This is the first forum-type meeting that I’ve participated in.


As a freelance title reporter it is essential to keep up-to-date and in touch with the world of Conveyancing and property Law and for this, I have found Property Law UK and IQ Legal Training invaluable resource. Thank you Ian and all your team!

Ursula Moore
Solicitor and Director of The Title Consultancy Ltd.

I attended the 2023 Residential Conveyancing Update this afternoon and it was great to meet Ian Quayle in person. Thank you for the informative course and I took away a lot of good points from it.

Rubina Ferreira
Consultant Residential Conveyancer at Woodstock Legal Services

A big thank you to Ian Quayle of IQ Legal Training for an extremely informative and high-quality residential conveyancing update yesterday, arranged by Mandy Heath and Dawn Chisholm of Bournemouth and District Law Society (BDLS).

We love good, practical solutions to overcome common issues, and this intensive session certainly had plenty of those! Sometimes it’s also good to have reassurance (and vindication) that all our hard work and investment in our conveyancing services over the past few years is following the very best of ‘best practice’. Thanks again Ian and you are welcome again on the South Coast anytime (see you again later this year)!

Daniel Stanton
Associate (Commercial Property) at Rawlins Davy

I Really enjoyed the Residential Conveyancing for Support Staff Forum Ian, lots of useful reminders even for those who have been practicing for some time now 🙂, and useful guidance on how to train/ support new starters, as well as re-evaluation of own processes and procedures. Highly recommend!

Tetyana Rehman

I have now attended a couple of training events with the Law Society provided by Ian Quayle.  Ian’s wealth of knowledge comes across instantly, and I have found his training to be well structured and engaging whether it has been in person or virtual.

Ame Toms

I have completed various courses and webinars from IQ Legal Training and I can safely say that they are well worth the money. The information provided is always up to date and well presented, either by Ian or one of his colleagues. I would recommend the courses to anyone, be it a beginner or a more experienced lawyer, as I guarantee you will learn something new

Will Magnay
Trainee Lawyer

XYZ Law would like to express our huge thanks to the #dewsbury born and local hero Ian Quayle for the invaluable seminar on #conveyancing – #BuildingSafetyAct2022.

The insights and knowledge shared were exceptional, providing our team with a deeper understanding of the Act’s implications for the #conveyancing #process.

Ian’s expertise and passion for the subject matter were evident throughout the session, keeping us engaged and informed. We greatly appreciate his commitment to delivering high-quality training.

Anyone looking for advice or assistance in navigating the issues raised by the Building Safety Act 2022, please do reach out.

Anis Dadu
Managing Partner at XYZ Law

I thought your presentation was precise and exceptionally helpful. It was very informative to hear from someone who has acted for developers admit that developers do not act in favour of a buyer; and that you would act differently if they were acting for a buyer. It’s just a shame that the 1hr time for the webinar did not allow you to extend the discussions further.

Gavin Willis

I am a legal secretary currently progressing through Level 4 CLC/SQA Diploma in Conveyancing Law and Practice.  I have passed the ELS, Contract Law, Land Law and just recently passed the Standard Conveyancing Transactions Unit Assessment.  I am finding your course very useful as it relates to the unit I have just passed.  You explain everything so well with good detail. It’s good to go over everything again, as it’s hard studying by yourself on-line and by reading manuals.

Claire Buffrey
Legal Secretary

Ian it was a great conference. Great speakers and lots of information and updates. Looking forward to next year’s.

Mark Cook

‘It was very informative, and I have registered for the next event’


I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar


I had this opportunity to pursue this course offered by Ian Quayle via IQ Legal Training called Residential Conveyancing for Support Staff 2023.

I started this course casually but was surprised with the amount of knowledge transfer that took place over the lectures I attended.

Now, I can confidently tell that I am a conveyancing assistant who knows the latest updates in law and current market trends and practice. Celebrating my new certification!

Harini S

Ian came to give us a talk in Bristol, for an in-house training day. He was accommodating while we were making the arrangements and open to the subjects he would discuss. The talk was very informative and considering it is quite a dry subject, he made it entertaining. He was also open to taking questions and follow ups.

Ian is clearly very passionate about leaseholds! I would highly recommend Ian as a speaker.

Star Legal Solicitors