Building Safety Act 2022 Flowcharts

Earlier this year, we offered for sale various flowcharts detailing some of the key processes which are contained within the Building Safety Act 2022 and subordinate legislation, and which were causing significant problems for practitioners.

These flowcharts, which were produced with the assistance of Andrew Butler KC and Annie Higgo of Tanfield Chambers, have been refined and now deal with the following topics: 

Flowchart 1: Is a Building a Relevant Building?
Flowchart 2: Is a Defect a Relevant Defect?
Flowchart 3: Is a Lease potentially a Qualifying Leases?
Flowchart 4: Leaseholder Deed of Certificate – what steps does a landlord need to take to stop a lease from becoming a Qualifying Lease by default?
Flowchart 5: Landlord Certificate – timing, content and effect
Flowchart 6: Is a building a Higher Risk Building?
Flowchart 7: Higher Risk Buildings and “Independent Sections”
Flowchart 8: Is a Person (X) an Accountable Person?
Flowchart 9: Is a Person (X) a Principal Accountable Person?

Each flowchart is charged at £250 plus VAT, or the full set of nine can be purchased at a discounted rate of £2000 plus VAT.

Clients who have previously purchased our BSA Flowcharts on or before
September 30, 2023, continue to have access to flow charts 1-6 in this series.
However, should you wish to acquire our most recent flowcharts, specifically 7,
8, and 9, we are delighted to offer these at a discounted rate of £500 plus VAT for all
three when bought together as a bundle. To take advantage this offer, please
reach out to us at [email protected].