“In the last two years I have attended nearly 20 lectures given by Ian Quayle. I speak from experience when I say he is probably one of the most naturally gifted lecturers I have seen, my opinion is based on my having taught ‘A’ level law years ago and lectured many staff at PCS Legal currently. I have also based it on my experience in attending hundreds of lectures for my law degree and professional qualifications and CPD.


Ian’s style of lecturing is of the highest level I have ever seen, he clearly has a fine legal mind, evidenced in the answers he gives to difficult questions at the end of the lecture. He is without doubt the law lecturer I would love to aspire to be.


He has a unique ability  to cut  straight to the heart of the matter, essential for a busy conveyancer, refresh you on the law on that subject, introduce new case law, in such a clear and  concise manner, you  leave the lecture fully understanding what is the latest best practice for your firm and best advice to give your clients. You will have a fighting chance to avoid potential negligence claims, you probably did not know even existed before the lecture!

Each of his lectures ties into each other, like  pieces of a jigsaw, the more you attend the more of the whole picture appears. The lectures  enable  you to adopt changes to your standard letters, terms of business to protect your firm and give your clients the best advise you can, to help them give you informed consent.

Every lecture I have attended is accompanied by fully detailed, well written course material which you can refer to and refresh yourself as when the issue comes up in practice. I have learned more in an hour than most  full day courses I have attended.


If you are in any doubt about booking a course, just book it. Once you have attended one of his lectures I guarantee you will be looking to see what subject he will be teaching next.


I do not personally know Ian or have any form of commercial arrangement with him in giving this opinion and review. It is my honest opinion.”

Yours sincerely,