Commercial Property Transactions for Support Staff: Webinar Access

£350.00 ex. VAT

Commercial Property Transactions for Support Staff


Please note that we recommend that you register and enrol on the course via our website at the time of booking, you can do this by clicking on the link in your confirmation email and following the instructions provided. If this is not possible then we recommend that you do this at least an hour before the event you are attending is due to take place to allow us adequate time to assist you in the event you encounter any difficulties.
Once registered you can join the event online shortly before the scheduled time by clicking the webinar access link in the My Profile section of our website where a host will let you in to the webinar.
In the unlikely event that you are unable to do the steps above prior to the event a direct link to the webinar is also provided for you within your confirmation email however, please note that this direct link is provided to access the webinar only and in order to download your course certificate, access webinar recordings and materials you will need to follow the steps listed above.


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