IQ Legal Training Announces Collaboration with Leeds Law Society

IQ Legal Training, a training provider in the UK specialising in residential and commercial law, has formed a partnership with Leeds Law Society to deliver property law training sessions to its members.


IQ Legal Training has cultivated a collaborative relationship with Leeds Law Society for several years, fostering a dynamic partnership focused on advancing legal education and professional development within the community. Through this fresh collaboration, members of Leeds Law Society will gain exclusive opportunities to enhance their skills. They will have access to live training sessions provided by IQ Legal Training, enabling them to upskill in real-time. Additionally, they can tap into a wealth of on-demand content available on IQ Legal Training’s online platform, affording them the flexibility to enhance their knowledge at their own pace, all at a discounted rate.


Ian Quayle, Chief Executive of IQ Legal Training, shared his perspective: “Having cultivated a meaningful partnership with Leeds Law Society over an extended period, it’s a natural progression to formalise our collaboration by providing specialised training.


“Leeds Law Society exemplifies an active and dedicated community, committed to advocating for its members. We are honoured to contribute to this commitment by empowering members to expand their expertise and cultivate their skills continuously.”


Members will have the added advantage of participating in thriving property law forums, where they can actively exchange insights and experiences, fostering a dynamic community of legal professionals. Additionally, they will gain access to Property Law UK‘s extensive online case law library and e-magazine at discounted rates, enriching their understanding of current legal trends and advancements in property law.


The President of Leeds Law Society, said: “Leeds Law Society are very pleased to be working with IQ Legal Training to ensure that we continue to deliver and allow access to quality training for our members.”


To explore how IQ Legal Training can support your law society’s training requirements, individuals are encouraged to reach out via email at or by phone at 07379 134 942. The team is available to discuss tailor-made solutions and collaborations aimed at elevating members’ professional development.