IQ Legal Training Announces Collaboration with HM Land Registry

IQ Legal Training, a fast-growing UK-based training provider for residential and commercial lawyers, has agreed a collaboration with HM Land Registry to raise awareness of the new single digital Local Land Charges (LLC) Register.

IQ Legal Training and HM Land Registry has taken advantage of the widespread adoption of online learning due to Covid-19 to provide inclusive learning strategies and equitable access to information that endeavours to support widespread understanding of the LLC data transition away from local authorities to the centrally held register.

IQ Legal Training Chief Executive, Ian Quayle, said: “IQ Legal Training offers specialist legal training nationwide and has over 15 years’ experience delivering numerous courses to UK local authority clients. We are delighted to be able to utilise our capabilities and provide a specific learning and development experience to support HM Land Registry and local authorities during this important transition.

“The significance of the migration and the incredible benefits it will generate to conveyancers and the conveyancing process is immense and we are delighted to play our small part in increasing awareness.”

A webinar series is planned to take place over the next few years to address the skills and information gap presented by this transition, making it significantly easier for local authorities to access a holistic training experience. HM Land Registry will be supporting IQ Legal Training webinars that will deliver a legal perspective on local land charges, by providing information about the migration of local land charges data and how to access the new digital service.

A representative for HM Land Registry, said: “HM Land Registry has a track record for modernising land-related systems and plays a critical role in supporting the Government’s housing and infrastructure objectives. The programme is now focused on delivering the migration of all LLC data in England and Wales by 2025.

“We have informed all local authorities of our delivery plan and their migration date. Our delivery plan targets regional clusters so that neighbouring authorities can support each other to migrate to the new register and maximise local economic benefits.”

The first webinar will be hosted on 20 July 2021 in collaboration with HM Land Registry and will be supported by Conveyancing Data Services. The webinar will consider the issues associated with due diligence and local land charges from the perspective of conveyancers, and also introduce the migration of local land charges data from Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council to HM Land Registry.



For more information, or to be added to mailing list to be notified about forthcoming webinars, email [email protected].

About HM Land Registry

HM Land Registry safeguards land and property ownership valued at £7 trillion, enabling over £1 trillion worth of personal and commercial lending to be secured against property across England and Wales. The Land Register contains more than 25 million titles showing evidence of ownership for more than 87% of the land mass of England and Wales.



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