Websites and How to Attract Conveyancing Clients in 2022

This 60-minute webinar will explore how to utilise a website to onboard clients and to ensure the correct client/conveyancer relationship gets off on the right footing.

This interactive Q&A session will examine:

  • What conveyancing clients needs to know from your website
  • Making the website effective by understanding the four types of website visitors
  • The latest stats, trends and common complaints from Internet users and what it means to website managers
  • The 10 essential elements of your website experience you need to check regularly to avoid losing future customers
  • How to make your website a ‘go-to’ online destination for your ideal customers using a simple website content schedule
  • Being Different by discovering your online voice and generating business the ethical way

The webinar will comprise of the following segments:

An overview of website in 2022 and how they have changed from online brochures to interactive platforms

Designing a positive online experience is the number one goal for any businesses, this is achieved by making a small number of simple adjustments and following the A-B-C model (Audience – Behaviour – Content):

  • Audience – there are 4 types of Internet Users and website visitors, knowing what their preferences are and how they trust businesses will already help you plan your reasonable adjustments
  • Behaviour – we are celebrating 30 years of Internet and we also have a great deal of data in terms of what website visitors are looking for, we will share 10 practical changes that will completely transform your website experience and conversion
  • Content – at the heart of the website experience is the content you have planned, produced and produced we will look at the difference between promotional and social content and the many apps that can make life easier for content creator

The webinar will close with an open Q&A, your chance to get practical answers to all your questions about getting more enquiries from your website.


The webinar will be delivered by Pascal Fintoni, a digital marketing trainer and speaker with over 25 years experience in all aspects of ‘generating enquiries via the Internet’. In this session Pascal will explain how to vastly improve your website conversion with a focus on first impressions, developing trust, calls to action and other issues.

This webinar will be hosted and facilitated by Ian Quayle, IQ Legal Training, Chief Executive, who will examine what the website must contain – transparency relating to fees, information about the conveyancing process and marketing ideas to attract conveyancing clients.

About Pascal Fintoni

Pascal Fintoni is a senior digital marketing trainer and speaker with over 25 years experience in helping business owners get more enquiries from the Web. He started his career in London working for a well known holiday company creating campaigns for TV, radio, newspapers and of course the Internet. Pascal quickly developed a passion and unrivalled knowledge for the power of digital content in attracting the right audience and building a business you can be proud of.

Pascal runs his agency offering digital marketing training and consultancy services to clients across the UK and France. His professional experience spans the private, public and not-for-profit sectors with a proven track record in skills development, professional services, new media, ICT and software, tourism, manufacturing and business support.

His time is shared between speaking at conferences and delivering interactive and practical sessions on website experience, reputation management, SEO, social media and content marketing with a particular focus on video marketing.

Pascal is also a video producer and director and he has successfully introduced many of the storytelling techniques used by filmmakers into his coaching to help his clients create better online content faster.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Stuart Title for sponsoring this event.


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Cost: £45.00 Plus VAT per person.

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Jun 30 2022


10:00 am - 11:00 pm



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Pascal Fintoni


Pascal Fintoni

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Ian Quayle, CEO
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