Shared Ownership Conveyancing

Join David Keighley for a three-part series on Shared Ownership Conveyancing starting June 2023. The Buying & Selling of Shared Ownership Properties are an increasingly important sector of the property market. There are vital differences between these transactions and “standard conveyancing” about which all practitioners should be aware. These sessions are designed to offer a practical guide for practitioners acting for individuals buying or selling a shared ownership property.


Delegates will learn the following –

  • The differences between a “standard” lease & a shared ownership lease
  • The changes introduced by the updated lease
  • How SDLT on shared ownership transactions differs from other residential transactions


Session 1: Overview – 14.06.23, 10am – 11am

  • The role of Housing Associations and Homes England
  • The different types of Shared Ownership Lease
  • The “Fundamental Clauses” in use prior to the 2021 Model Lease This webinar will not include a detailed analysis of the 2021 Model Lease. That will be covered in session 2
  • Staircasing; how is it exercised and documented


Session 2: The 2021 Shared Ownership Lease – 20.06.23, 10am – 11am

Following a Consultation process in 2020 a revised Model Lease has been introduced for use in the grant of all new Shared Ownership Leases. This new lease will be in use on newbuild developments being sold in 2023.

The changes introduced to the model lease are significant & some of the new measures will also impact on existing shared ownership properties.

This session will consider the new provisions relating to:

  • Lease term
  • Initial share
  • Staircasing
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Resale process
  • Extension of existing leases


Session 3: Stamp Duty – 28.06.23, 10am – 11am

The rules in relation Stamp Duty & the calculation of tax in respect of Shared Ownership transactions are very different to “standard” transactions.  This session will look at:

  • SDLT on the initial grant of a lease including the making of and effect of a Market Value Election & changes introduced in the 2021 Lease
  • SDLT on a Shared Ownership resale
  • SDLT On Staircasing by the original buyer
  • SDLT where staircasing is NOT by the original purchaser


Thanks to our specialist systems, we are able to provide you with recordings and course materials which allow you to refer back to your training at any time should you wish to do so. Alternatively, if you are unable to attend the live webinar these facilities mean that you don’t have to worry about missing out and you can go about your day, reassured by the knowledge that you can carry out your required training at a time convenient to you. 

A certificate of completion is also provided for delegates booking this event.  

Cost: £120.00 Plus VAT per person. 

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Jun 14 - 28 2023


Please note: This is a 3-part series
10:00 am - 11:00 am



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