Residential Leasehold Conveyancing for Support Staff – Online Course

This five-part course explains the key issues commonly encountered in residential leasehold transactions whether acting for the seller or buyer.

This course can be used to develop some of the themes in residential conveyancing for support staff or as a standalone course, but it is also suitable for any conveyancing practitioners engaging in leasehold transactions.

The course is composed of five 60-minute sessions, as follows:

Training Course 1 – An introduction to Residential Leasehold Conveyancing

  • Course Aims
  • The difference between freehold and leasehold ownership
  • The differences in the conveyancing process
  • Resources and how to use them

Training Course 2 – Transactional Issues 

  • Acting for the seller – preparing the contract bundle, dealing with TA forms, landlord’s enquiries, service charge accounts and other documentation.
  • Acting for the buyer – due diligence, advising on the lease, dealing with TA forms and landlord enquiries
  • Contractual provisions in leasehold transactions

Training Course 3 – The Residential Lease in Detail

  • Prescribed Clauses
  • Lease Plans
  • Key clauses in Residential Lease

Training Course 4 – Management Issues and Residential Leases

  • Dealing with service charges, management regulations and administration charges.
  • Defective Leases and how to deal with them
  • Dealing with high rise flats and fire safety issues
  • Lenders and leasehold transactions

Training Course 5 – Avoiding Negligence in Residential Leasehold Transactions

In the last session of the series the course will examine how to avoid negligence claims and client complaints.

It will explore what can go wrong in leasehold transactions, problem clauses in residential leases, and procedural problems.

Using case law and examples the course should enable practitioners to be aware of what can go wrong and to avoid common traps and pitfalls.


Course materials are provided and will remain accessible to you even after the course is completed.

A certificate of completion is also provided to delegates booking this course.

Delegates who register on the course are eligible to raise questions with the trainer both during and after they have completed their training. Details of how to do this are included in the course materials.


Cost:  £200 Plus VAT per person

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