Residential Conveyancing for Support Staff Webinar Series

Due to popular demand, we are delighted to offer a fourth instalment of 12 one-hour webinars aimed at residential conveyancing support staff. The first session is on 7 February, 3.30pm– 4.30pm, and repeats on a weekly basis until 20 April 2022.

The course provides an in-depth examination of the law and procedure in the conveyancing process and has been specifically developed for secretarial staff, paralegals, conveyancing support staff as well as qualified lawyers wanting to retrain in residential conveyancing.

It is also appropriate for anyone engaged in the residential conveyancing process, who needs or desires an insight into the mechanics and legal principles involved in modern residential conveyancing.

Over a twelve week duration, the course will explore practice, procedure, tips and traps for the unwary. The training is delivered by Ian Quayle, who is an experienced conveyancer with over 15 years of training experience.

Webinar content

Webinar 1, Introduction: 07 February, 3.30pm– 4.30pm

Getting started, taking instructions, money laundering, dealing with residential clients

Webinar 2, Acting for the Seller: 14 February, 3.30pm– 4.30pm

Obtaining and checking the title, dealing with the TA forms and drafting the contract, preparing the contract bundle

Webinar 3, Acting for the Buyer: 21 February, 3.30pm– 4.30pm

Checking the contract bundle, searches, enquiries, client inspection, and acting for lenders

Webinar 4, Exchanging Contracts: 28 February, 3.30pm– 4.30pm

Preparing for exchange, the mechanics of exchange, protecting the contract

Webinar 5, Preparing for Completion – Acting for the seller: 07 March, 3.30pm– 4.30pm

Completing TA13, approving the transfer, preparing completion statements, dealing with notices and restrictions

Webinar  6, Preparing for Completion – Acting for the Buyer: 14 March, 3.30pm– 4.30pm

Drafting the transfer, pre-completion searches, dealing with the lender, preparation of completion statements and advising the client

Webinar 7, Completion and Completion Day Problems: 21 March, 3.30pm– 4.30pm

The Law Society Code for completion by post, dealing with undertakings, practical issues including the transmission of funds, advising clients and what to do if things go wrong – notices to complete, rescission and other steps

Webinar 8, Post Completion: 28 March, 3.30pm– 4.30pm

Acting for the seller – discharging charges, compliance with undertakings

Acting for the buyer – SDLT returns, registration of dispositions

Webinar 9, Land Registration Issues: 31 March, 3.30pm– 4.30pm

Boundaries, notices, restrictions, adverse possession, and problem areas

Webinar 10, Residential Leases (1): 08 April, 10am–11am

An overview of leasehold transactions

Webinar 11, Residential Leases (2): 13 April, 3.30pm– 4.30pm

Leasehold enquiries, service charge issues, key clauses in residential leases

Webinar 12, Avoiding Negligence: 20 April, 3.30pm– 4.30pm

Avoiding negligence in Residential Conveyancing


Thanks to our specialist systems, we are able to provide you with recordings and course materials which allow you to refer back to your training at any time should you wish to do so. Alternatively, if you are unable to attend the live webinar these facilities mean that you don’t have to worry about missing out and you can go about your day, reassured by the knowledge that you can carry out your required training at a time convenient to you.

A certificate of completion is also provided for delegates booking this event.

Cost is £300.00 plus VAT per person.

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Feb 07 2022


Nb. This is a series ending on 20.04.22
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm



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