Commercial Property Transactions for Support Staff – Online Course

Following on from the Residential Conveyancing for Support Staff, and due to demand, this new series of 12 one-hour training courses will explore commonly encountered commercial property transactions.

It is aimed at support staff, paralegals and new recruits to the commercial legal property or estates teams.

The course will explore:

  • A Commercial sale and purchase in outline – acting for the seller – drafting the contract, dealing with commercial enquiries before contract, auditing a registered and unregistered title, – acting for the buyer – due diligence, searches, inspection, survey and valuation, dealing with exchange, completion and registration of title
  • A Commercial lease transaction – acting for landlord and tenant, heads of term, key clauses, an overview of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, management issues and bringing commercial leases to an end
  • Land Registration Issues – boundaries, notices, restrictions, adverse possession and land management

Each training course will take approximately 60-minutes to complete.

Watch a preview of the training here:

This series is divided into twelve courses delivered by Ian Quayle who has over 18 years of experience of delivering training courses of this nature as well as many years of experience of undertaking and advising upon commercial property transactions.   

This is an ideal opportunity to develop members of staff into new roles assisting colleagues in transactional and property management work.

Training Course 1 – Introduction

  • Resources  
  • Types of Commercial Transactions  
  • Comparing and Contrasting residential sale and purchases and commercial property sale and purchases  

Training Course 2 – The Commercial Sale and Purchase

  • Searches  
  • Commercial Enquiries before Contract  
  • The Contract and the Standard Commercial Conditions of Sale 3rd Edition 
  • Selling and Buying Commercial Property subject to Occupational Leases  
  • An examination of key cases 

Training Course 3 – Title

Reports on Title

  • Identifying the client objective  
  • The content and format of the Report  

Certificates of Title

  • When should Certificates of Title be used  
  • The Content of the Certificate of Title 

Dealing with the Retainer

  • Scoping the retainer  
  • The role of the Commercial Property Lawyers 

Training Course 4 – Easements  

  • How are legal and equitable easements created? 
  • How are they protected? 
  • Rights of Way  
  • Rights of Light 
  • An examination of relevant case law

Training Course 5 – Covenants

Restrictive Covenants

  • How are restrictive covenants created?  
  • How are restrictive covenants protected? 

Positive Covenants

  • Creating and enforcing positive covenants  
  • Varying and removing restrictive covenants – applications under Section 84 of the Law of Property Act 1925 to the Land Tribunal. 

Training Course 6 – Options and Overage


  • Advising and drafting option agreements  
  • Key clauses  
  • Tips and Traps  
  • An examination of relevant case law 


  • What is overage?  
  • Drafting overage provisions  
  • Protecting overage  
  • Calculations and formulae  
  • An examination of relevant case law  

Training Course 7 – Mixed Use Properties

  • Which process should be used?  
  • Searches, enquiries, and due diligence  
  • Licensing issues  
  • SDLT and other Tax Issues when dealing with mixed use properties  

Training Course 8 – Commercial Leases 1

  • Licences  
  • Agreements for Lease 
  • Negotiating commercial leases  
  • RICS Model Heads of Terms   

Training Course 9 – Commercial Leases 2

  • Key clauses in commercial leases 

Training Course 10 – Managements Issues

  • Rent and Rent Review  
  • Break Clauses  
  • Surrender and Agreements for Surrender 
  • Vacant Possession  
  • Dilapidations 
  • Tenant default and forfeiture  

Training Course 11 – Business Lease Renewal – An Outline

  • The application of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954  
  • Negotiating new leases  
  • Interim Rent Applications  
  • Requests for Information  
  • Landlord’s ground for opposition  

Training Course 12 –  Taxation

  • Taxation Issues  
  • SDLT  
  • Capital Gains Tax 
  • VAT  
  • The taxation consequences of commercial property transactions  


Course materials are provided and will remain accessible to you even after the course is completed.

A certificate of completion is also provided to delegates booking this course.

Delegates who register on the course are eligible to raise questions with the trainer both during and after they have completed their training. Details of how to do this are included in the course materials.

Cost: £ 350 + VAT per person. 

Have an enquiry? Call 07379 134 942 or email [email protected]

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