BSA 2022 – Ten Good Habits

Join Ian Quayle on a series of four sixty-minute webinars that will provide an appraisal of the BSA 2022 for busy transactional property lawyers.

Webinar 1 – BSA 2022 – Ten Good Habits when Acting for Sellers in Leasehold Transactions – 21st November – 1pm – 2pm

In this webinar we will examine –

  • Scoping the retainer – explaining to the client your role.
  • Dealing with TA forms and in particular the TA 7 – what is the correct approach?
  • Dealing with the Leaseholder Deed of Certificate – what assistance should be provided to the seller client?
  • Notifying the landlord of the sale – the law and best practice.
  • The Landlord Certificate conundrum – should it be asked for?
  • Providing additional information to the buyer or dealing with additional enquiries.

Webinar 2 – BSA 2022 – Ten Good Habits When Acting for Buyers in Leasehold Transactions – 21st November – 2.30pm – 3.30pm

In this webinar we will examine –

  • Scoping the retainer and reporting on title.
  • Explaining and advising on the LPE 1 and TA forms.
  • Raising additional enquiries.
  • The purpose of the Leaseholder Deed of Certificate.
  • Ascertaining relevant buildings, relevant defects and qualifying leases.
  • Leaseholder protection from service charge – statutory protection and Schedule 8 protection for relevant buildings.

Webinar 3 – BSA 2022 – Ten Good Habits When Acting for Landlords in Leasehold Transactions – 22nd November – 1pm – 2pm

In this webinar we will examine –

  • Relevant buildings – what are they?
  • The Landlord Certificate – what is required and when should they be produced?
  • An overview of problem areas – remediation orders, remediation contribution orders and falling foul of the Building Safety Regulator.
  • Dealing with service charge under the BSA regime.

Webinar 4 – BSA 2022 Ten Good Habits – Acting for Lenders and Higher Risk Buildings – 22nd November – 2.20pm- 3.30pm

In this webinar we will examine –

  • Is it safe to act for institutional lenders?
  • Pinch points and problem areas.
  • Is it possible to verify information?
  • What are higher-risk buildings and what are the implications for leaseholders and landlords?

Extensive notes will be provided and time will be allocated for delegate questions at all webinars.


Thanks to our specialist systems, we are able to provide you with recordings and course materials that allow you to refer back to your training at any time should you wish to do so. Alternatively, if you are unable to attend the live webinar these facilities mean that you don’t have to worry about missing out and you can go about your day, reassured by the knowledge that you can carry out your required training at a time convenient to you.

A certificate of completion is also provided for delegates booking this event.

Webinars in this series can be purchased individually or as a whole series.

Cost: £100 Series or £30 Per Webinar Inc VAT, Per Person (please note that ticket prices will show the cost excluding VAT as VAT is added at the checkout point):

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Nov 21 - 22 2023


Please note that this is a 4 part series with various dates and times
1:00 pm - 3:30 pm



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