Advising Co-Owners – Getting Things Right – Avoiding Claims and Complaints – Online Course

Join Ian Quayle on this sixty-minute course as he looks at getting things right when advising co-owners to avoid claims and complaints.

This course will examine:

  • Avoiding conflicts of interest – things to look out for
  • Gathering information from clients – avoiding making assumptions
  • Joint Tenancies – survivorship and severance – providing explanation and advice
  • Tenancies in Common – deeds of trust, using form JO
  • Preventing claims and complaints
  • Recent case law and the significance of Hudson v Hathway 2022

This course will take approximately 60-minutes to complete.

Watch a preview of the training here:


Course materials are provided and will remain accessible to you even after the course is completed.

A certificate of completion is also provided to delegates booking this course.

Delegates who register on the course are eligible to raise questions with the trainer both during and after they have completed their training. Details of how to do this are included in the course materials.


Cost: £50 Plus VAT, per person.

Have an enquiry? Call 07379 134 942 or email [email protected]  

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Mar 13 2023 - Mar 13 2028



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