Essential Resources for Website Managers

In the last of a three-part series on how to maximise client website enquiries, Pascal Fintoni, digital specialist, gives us the low-down about the best online resources for your marketing toolkit.

Whilst it is true that ‘the new technologies do not maketh the marketer’ they certainly play a critical part in the successful execution of any online marketing campaigns.

The selection of the various apps to support the design of your website experience, and of course your content creation efforts, is as personal as the toolkit of any artists, inventors and skilled professionals.



One could say that it is an extension of your personality and your own creative flair. For me, the many online tools and apps that I use are like my virtual team, nudging me in the right direction and encouraging me to be a little more daring and adventurous.

Choosing the right digital solution can transform a tedious and repetitive activity into a moment that is rewarding on so many levels indeed.

Below is the list of my top essential online resources and apps that will make a huge difference to both your desire to actively manage your website and the experience of your website visitors.



We’ll begin with online solutions that will invite you to create more content, better and faster:

  1. by far the most popular graphics and video content creation platform with a plethora of templates and styles to keep you going!
  2. if you are curious about the questions your customers ask on Google, this is the website for you, a great source of inspiration for your content piece
  3. on the subject of questions, did you know that YouTube is the second busiest search engine in the world?
  4. this AI powered assistant will provide all the support you need to write concise, appealing and creative copy for your next blog article
  5. another AI powered assistant, this time to help you create visuals and presentations to illustrate your website content with style
  6. if you like to share data, information flows or charts you will love this platform! A sure way to bring life to any dry subjects
  7. Wordswag is an iOS and iphone app that will transform your images and text into a vibrant design, perfect for your next social media posts or blog header images
  8. a surprising powerful app that will create animated GIFs, stickers or backgrounds for your next Zoom calls from your images and video files
  9. probably my favourite video editing app, available for both Android and iOS, it will convert any images and video clips into a fantastic video complete with copyright music and AI powered transitions
  10. if you prefer more controls over your editing and video creation process then this is the mobile app for you
  11. how about recording a welcome video, a tutorial or a step-by-step guide straight from your laptop?
  12. if you do not have video clips or images, do not worry as you can create amazing visual stories with copyright videos and animations from this great website
  13. Filmora X I am often asked about the simplest video editing software out there, and this one is definitely top of my list. Very accessible and extremely powerful
  14. podcasting and audio storytelling is perhaps what you are looking for and this all-in-one platform owned by Spotify is a brilliant way to get started!
  15. for more advanced audio producer, this would be a nice addition to your virtual team as it will automate all the technical parts from audio clean-up to publication
  16. to host your audio series look no further than this brilliant UK company offering many incredible features including great looking embeds for your website
  17. how about creating an ‘audiogram’ to surprise your website visitors and social media followers? Not sure what it is, just follow the link!



This list is only a starting point, and if you still have not found what you are looking for in order to build your personal content creation toolkit then visit the ultimate comparison site for business apps.

Another important activity for website managers beyond content creation is the tracking of the performance of the site. No surprise there, we have access to some great online solutions:

  • Google Analytics perhaps the most used and known online solution with a dashboard and reporting system full of details to help you adjust your website experience
  • Google Search Console is a great introduction to website performance tracking, a simpler and more focused reporting system to facilitate great discussions with your team
  • Broken Link Checker as your website gets busier and richer in content it can become more difficult to keep track of those pesky broken links
  • Site Audit an online diagnostics with a helpful bias towards search engine optimisation, it can be a good complement to Google’s Page Speed Check
  • will show you via its heatmaps and visual reporting system what your website visitors do and do not do on your site, to help improve your online experience


This concludes our three-part series on being a successful website manager, from reflecting on the impact of the World Wide Web on our customers’ behaviour, to breaking down our website experience into a logical structure, and finally, creating the ultimate website management toolkit. What a journey, which we hope you have enjoyed following along as much as we have enjoyed compiling the details for you.

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About Pascal Fintoni

Pascal Fintoni is a senior digital marketing trainer and speaker with over 25 years experience in helping business owners get more enquiries from the Web. He started his career in London working for a well known holiday company creating campaigns for TV, radio, newspapers and of course the Internet. Pascal quickly developed a passion and unrivalled knowledge for the power of digital content in attracting the right audience and building a business you can be proud of.

Pascal runs his agency offering digital marketing training and consultancy services to clients across the UK and France. His professional experience spans the private, public and not-for-profit sectors with a proven track record in skills development, professional services, new media, ICT and software, tourism, manufacturing and business support.

His time is shared between speaking at conferences and delivering interactive and practical sessions on website experience, reputation management, SEO, social media and content marketing with a particular focus on video marketing.

Pascal is also a video producer and director and he has successfully introduced many of the storytelling techniques used by filmmakers into his coaching to help his clients create better online content faster.

Connect with Pascal on LinkedIn here.