Websites and How to Attract Conveyancing Clients

03/02/2022 10:00 am
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This 60-minute webinar will explore how to utilise a website to onboard clients and to ensure the correct client/conveyancer relationship gets off on the right footing.

This interactive Q&A session will examine:

  • What conveyancing clients needs to know from your website
  • Making the website effective by understanding the four types of website visitors
  • The latest stats, trends and common complaints from Internet users and what it means to website managers
  • The 10 essential elements of your website experience you need to check regularly to avoid losing future customers
  • How to make your website a ‘go-to’ online destination for your ideal customers using a simple website content schedule
  • Being Different by discovering your online voice and generating business the ethical way


Cost: £45 + VAT per person

For more information or to reserve places, call: 0737 913 4942 or email