Webinar Series for Residential Conveyancers

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Join Ian Quayle as he presents a new series of webinars for Residential Conveyancers. Over the course of these three, sixty minute webinars, Ian will look to provide an update on the key developments in residential conveyancing, an update on residential leasehold property and finally he will look at how to get things right when advising co-owners.


Webinar one – Date: 27/02/2023  Time: 11.15am-12.15pm 

Residential Conveyancing Update 2023  –  Key Developments for Residential conveyancers


This webinar will examine:

  • Land Registration – digital applications, electronic signatures, overseas entities and important changes to practice guides
  • Scoping the retainer in residential transactions tips and traps.
  • Developments in due diligence – dealing with searches, enquires and client inspection
  • Reporting on Title – tips and traps
  • Lender requirements and freehold transactions
  • Recent case law – lessons to learn


Webinar two – Date: 06/03/2023  Time: 11.15am-12.15pm 

Residential Leasehold Update – What Do Residential Conveyancers need to know?


This webinar will examine:

  • The Building Safety Act 2022 – issues for leasehold conveyancing
  • Defective and onerous leases – tips and traps
  • Fire safety issues – the law, documentation and what to advise
  • Lease terms – the provision of information, explanation and advice
  • Recent case law – lessons to learn


Webinar Three – Date: 13/03/2023  Time: 11.15am-12.15pm 

Advising co-owners getting things right – avoiding claims and complaints


This webinar will examine:

  • Avoiding conflicts of interest – things to look out for
  • Gathering information from clients – avoiding making assumptions
  • Joint Tenancies – survivorship and severance – providing explanation and advice
  • Tenancies in Common – deeds of trust, using form JO
  • Preventing claims and complaints
  • Recent case law and the significance of Hudson v Hathway 2022