Understanding Levels of Control to Increase Productivity and Reduce Anxiety

22/02/2022 11:00 am
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Can you think of a time when you’ve become stressed over something that you had no control over?

Did you find yourself falling into accusing or blaming others or feeling like a victim? You know the “Why me” thoughts! These thoughts always grab our attention just as we put our head on the pillow don’t they?

This webinar provides tools and understanding to help you not fall into this trap.

  • Levels of Concern, Influence and Control.
  • Decide where best to focus your energy and attention.
  • How to move from Inaction to Pro-action.
  • Letting go of concerns that are not serving you.

You’ll come away being able to choose where to spend your energy and move from Inaction to Pro-action, which in turn will increase your resilience so you bounce back easier next time.

Finally, you’ll let go of concerns that are not serving you well.