The Building Safety Act 2022 – Acting for Landlords – Online Course

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Join Ian Quayle of IQ Legal Training and Andrew Butler KC of Tanfield Chambers on this online course on The Building Safety Act 2022 – Acting for Landlords.

The Building Safety Act 2022 has a profound impact on service charges payable under certain kind of leases. The provisions of Part V introduce numerous exceptions and limitations on the ability to recover certain charges, and complex certification procedures which must be strictly complied with to prevent many of those exceptions and limitations from taking effect. At the same time, certain newly-introduced provisions of Part IV actually enlarge what is recoverable by way of service charge in so-called “Higher Risk Buildings”. This webinar, introduced by Ian Quayle and presented by Andrew Butler KC of Tanfield Chambers, will guide landlords and managing agents through the requirements of the Act and key concepts such as “qualifying lease”, “relevant building” and “building safety risk”. It will also cover the certification procedures, and discuss complexities such as the difficult concept of “association”. It can safely be described as a must-do for anyone concerned with the recovery of service charges in high-rise buildings.