Perfection of Post-Completion Formalities

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In this 60-minute webinar, Ian Quayle of IQ Legal Training and Maria Hardy of PCC will discuss the benefits of thoroughly understanding HMLR practice guides, and the risks associated with not, enabling you to:

    • Avoid requisitions and cancelled applications.
    • ⁠Focus on compliance and customer satisfaction while reducing risks such as compensation claims and complaints.

Why take this course?:

Compliance: To be compliant from a regulator’s point of view

Complaints: Avoid being reported to the LeO, resulting in unnecessary fines

Increase in PII: If found to be negligent then a claim against the firm can increase your PII

Work: Being on lender panels creates streams of work from all avenues

Reputation Damage: Failing in PC can result in bad media publicity

Increased Knowledge: Understanding how to perfect PC affects pre-exchange enquiries,   therefore creating a better work dynamic between the teams in the conveyancing department

Afterthought: PC is not an afterthought but integral to the smooth running of a transaction


Extensive notes will be provided and time allocated for delegate questions.

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