Estate Rent Charges – Online Course

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Estate Rent Charges with Ian Quayle

This one-hour course on estate rent charges will cover all the key aspects that a Residential Conveyancer will need to know in order to successfully navigate a transaction where estate rent charges are registered against a property.

It will examine:

  • What is an estate rent charge? –  The key terms and definitions.
  • How are estate rent charges protected? – Unilateral and agreed notices.
  • The purpose of estate rent charges – Enforcing positive covenants or imposing payment obligations.
  • Due Diligence – Is the rent charge enforceable?
  • Problem areas – No right of challenge, remedies for rent receivers.
  • Alternatives to estate rent charges
  • Relevant case law

This webinar is suitable for Residential Conveyancers of all levels of experience.