David v Goliath: Recourse Against Landlords

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Join Speaker and Barrister Rachel Coyle on this series comprising of 6, 45-minute on David v Goliath: Recourse against Landlords.

Tenants have greater protections these days with the incoming Rent Protection Bill but there are other measures that have been around in recent years that enable tenants to remain longer in a property or secure damages arising out of a breach of the covenant of quiet enjoyment or arising from a trespass to goods, amongst other breaches. This series will assist tenants and landlords alike. It is not isolated to run of the mill law and practical examples. It includes those knotty questions that are difficult to find answers to.

Delegates will learn the following:

  • Unlawful eviction and the covenant of quiet enjoyment– what is it? What about mixed-use premises? Can there be constructive unlawful eviction?
  • Trespass to Goods and remedies under the Tort Act 1977
  • Harassment – what constitutes harassment?
  • Rent Repayment Orders – the Tribunal powers
  • Tenancy Deposits – sanctions and relevance of agency involvement
  • Damages – how is this calculated for the various causes of action

This series is suitable for conveyancers of all levels and experience.

Time will be allocated for some questions and extensive notes will be provided.