Commercial Leases 2023 – Online Course

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Course 1, – Commercial Leases – An Introduction

It will explore –

  • The creation of a valid legal lease, equitable leases and the use of an agreement to lease.
  • Land Registration Requirements – prescribed clauses, the need for registration, the need for noting and overriding leases, exempt information status for leases, and the use of lease plans.
  •  Security of tenure -the protection of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, and contracting out


Course 2,  – Commercial Leases – Negotiating and Drafting

It will explore –

  • The role of the commercial property lawyer in negotiation
  • The use of the RICS Heads of Terms
  • Compliance with Codes of Practice


Course 3 – Commercial Lease Management 

This course will cover –

  • Drafting and dealing with break clauses
  • Dealing with surrender and agreements to surrender
  • Advising on rent review
  • Lease regearing
  • Schedules of Condition and dilapidations


Course 4 – Commercial Leases – Agreements for Lease

The course will examine –

  • The circumstances when an agreement for lease can be used.
  • The content of an agreement for lease – key clauses
  • Protecting the agreement for lease
  • Contracting out of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954