Climate change and the planning system

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Climate change, the “Growth Plan 2022” and the planning system.

There are different views as to whether or not climate change is a reality and, if so, whether it is man-made. However, those involved in the development control process have to adhere to and be guided by, legal requirements and ministerial guidance which takes man-made climate change as either being given or a significant contributory factor.  Therefore, it is important that (regardless of various high-level debates), those involved in the development control seek to understand those legal requirements and associated guidance.  The topic has, recently, been thrown into a serious debate about whether the Government’s new “Growth Plan” will compromise what was thought to be a settled approach to planning and the environment.  This webinar will provide a whistlestop tour and The webinar will include:

  • Climate change as a material planning consideration.
  • Flooding an air quality as material considerations.
  • Policy and legal requirements in relation to climate change.
  • The Environment Act 2021.
  • The incorporation of measures relating to climate change, in site-specific planning applications and decisions.
  • The “Growth Plan 2022” and the environment