Boundary Issues for Conveyancers Sponsored by Property Law UK

29/03/2022 11:00 am
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Identifying the physical extent of a property being purchased can be a problem for conveyancers and clients alike as land registration does not usually generate a means of locating a legal boundary. So what can conveyancers do firstly ascertain if boundary sensitivity is an issue:

  • Are the boundaries to the property clearly defined by reference to a plan, description, or physical features on the ground ?  
  • Does the client intend to develop close to the boundary of the property so the legal boundary needs to be identified ? 
  • Have there been issues or problems with neighbours as to the location of a boundary, the movement of boundary features, or potential adverse possession problems due to neighbour encroachment ? 
  • Is there a problem with regard to a potential ransom strip or access and egress to and from a right of way ?   

In addition to heightening awareness of potential problems and ensuring clients are given information so as to have realistic client expectations of the conveyancing process it is important conveyancers are aware of some of the measures that can be taken to prevent problems arising or to deal with problems that do arise.  

The webinar will explore recent case law and practical solutions to commonly encountered problems.  

This 60 minute webinar is suitable for residential conveyancers and commercial property lawyers of all levels.