Commercial Property for Local Authority Lawyers

  1. Drafting Commercial Leases – tips and traps   13.10.20 at 2pm

Using heads terms and precedents, using guarantees and rent deposits,  key clauses, and dealing with unrepresented tenants

The webinar will look at problem transactions commonly encountered in the context of local authority transactions. 

  • Management Issues – 15.10.20 at 2pm

Dealing with break clauses, rent reviews, surrender, regearing and surrender.

  • Lease Renewal  – 29.10.20  at 2pm  

Does the LTA 1954 Act Apply ?, negotiating new leases – things to look out for, interim rent , requests for information and an outline of the court process

The cost of the series of three webinars is £100.00 plus VAT which enables two delegates to attend. A set of extensive notes is produced for each webinar and there will be opportunities for delegates to ask questions .

This is the first series of webinar and later series to be delivered this year and early 2021 will deal with the following –

Land Registration Issues for Local Authority Lawyers

Topics covered will include –

Dealing with Notices and Restrictions

Land Registration Issues and Commercial Leases

Exempt Information

Adverse Possession

Indemnity and Rectification

Property Joint Ventures and Local Authorities

Joint Venture Structures

Drafting joint venture documentation

Acting for participants

Due Diligence Issues

Tips and Traps when dealing with special purpose vehicles

Recent case law

Options and Overage and Local Authorities


Drafting issues

Transactional tips and traps

Triggering options

An examination of recent case law


Drafting overage provisions

Triggering events

Calculations and formulae

Protecting overage

Problems areas

If you have any questions or queries , would like to reserve a place on future courses or webinars or have any other specific training needs or requirements please email [email protected]